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About W.H. (Bill) McDougall

Bill grew up on a farm locally and at age 16 took various jobs to provide for future college and graduated From Three Year Business at Fanshawe College and immediately started working in the credit department of BP Oil .Then later Bill became the Credit Manager of Dashwood Industries and eventually also became Purchasing Manager of Ellis Don Construction before becoming a financial advisor! As a advisor he was the leading producer in Canada for a year of a large well known National insurance company .Plus he was the first financial advisor to answer live financial call in questions on a local radio station on a show called ask the experts!

Bill's achievements are the result of the many hours he has spent acquiring investment knowledge and continues to attend industry courses and seminars. Because of his corporate and financial background he can make analysis of the entire investment picture which is critical to judicious estate planning whether single, family, business, or professional life .Because of these resources ,Bill has secured a large and active clientele for whom he has engineered peace of mind today and security for tomorrow.

When working with W.H McDougall & Associates as your investment and insurance broker, you become part of our growing family, and will always be treated with the respect and care that you deserve. We do not believe in avoiding phone calls or taking weeks to get back in touch with you. With W.H McDougall & Associates at your side, you march through life with a powerful ally, and you can be confident that we will always be there to protect you and your best interests. In these hard economical times, W.H McDougall & Associates understands that investments and insurance may seem superfluous, or a luxury that you just can't afford. This is why we strive to offer extremely affordable prices on all of our single or package investment or insurance services.

After years of experience offering consultation services and handling investment and insurance packages, W.H. McDougall & Associates understands that a lot of people aren't really sure what kind of investments or insurance they need, or even how much coverage is best for them. This is why we are happy to offer free consultation services both to individuals and business owners ! If you live in or around London, give us a call today!

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